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Mitigate threats by using Windows 10 security features

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Gulf of Aden Security Review

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Computer security threats are relentlessly inventive. Masters of disguise and manipulation, these threats constantly evolve to find new ways to annoy, steal and harm. Arm yourself with information and resources to safeguard against complex and growing computer security threats and stay safe online.

Jul 16,  · Trends, expert analysis, research, news, and how-to's to protect your assets against internal, external, malicious and accidental threats. Mobile threats continue to grow, including the new mobile malware variants (54 percent increase).

Symantec blocked an average of 24, malicious mobile applications each day last year. Updating to the latest operating system is good cyber security hygiene. Partner with Microsoft to combat evolving cyberthreats, expand your business, and enrich your products.

Get protection for users, identities, and access while safeguarding data inside and outside your organization, along with valuable visibility into your security portfolio. “The CSA Top Threats Working Group aims to provide organizations with an up-to-date, expert-informed understanding of cloud security risks, threats and vulnerabilities in order to make educated risk-management decisions regarding cloud adoption strategies.”.

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