Examples of an average couch potato

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How Being A Couch Potato Changes Your Personality

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The couch potato, chip-munching life-style is too common and it is clearly unhealthy. Viewers have become so adept at decoding adverts that your average post-modern couch potato can spot a marketing strategy a mile off. A couch potato with the same height and weight would definitely be fat. The big difference, besides the obvious aesthetics, is that while the couch potato has to carry his fat, my muscles carry me.

If I use the MIDx, not only do I get a more realistic look at my body composition, but I can also track my progress to improving even further.

Isn’t the average per hour something around $$50/hr? And the professional ones that have a sustaining career probably priced even higher? I wish you would have mentioned other options for 99% of people, cause as couch potato, trying not to be this article was a downer. Jun 01,  · Average Couch Potato Portfolio Return?

I'm a bit confused about a reasonable average expected return rate for a couch potato portfolio. I've read that the historical market average return is 7%, but with bonds making up an age-appropriate percentage, should the.

It's nothing personal against the author, but much like how your average couch potato should attempt to participate in the Olympic games, people with a lack of attention to detail and poor writing skills should not attempt to write a book on a fairly technical subject that requires some.

Jun 10,  · A couch potato portfolio can be as simple as 3 ETFs. There are many mutual funds that had long-term outperformance vs.


market averages, then suffered from regression to the mean, or bad performance that erased the earlier gains.

Examples of an average couch potato
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