Examples competency goal 2

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Competence (human resources)

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National Public Health Performance Standards

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Bullet statements for the Comments on Performance block Professional Knowledge, Quality of Work, Equal Opportunity, Military Bearing/ Character, Personal Job Accomplishment/ Initiative. Competency Goal 2 -Says: To advance physical and intellectual competence.

Navy Writer

Your activities should be addressed by Functional Areas and they should look like the following. Functional area – 4 – Physical I provide physical competence by: • Involving the children in /5(1).

Competency Goal 2 Competency Goal 2 Functional Area 4: Physical I promote physical activities in my classroom daily. We do music and movement different songs like Pirate Ship, Bear Hunt and the Dancing Machine.

All provide a wide range of movement to promote physical health. CDHM Continuing Competency Program. One of the primary responsibilities of the CDHM is to ensure the ongoing competence of individual members and to improve the performance of the profession overall.

Jan 15,  · How will you advance physical and intellectual competence to meet Competency Goal 2? Posted by Ms. Dee at AM.

to turah I really liked your goal but you need to add more examples. Competency Goal 3; Competency Goal 2.

Examples competency goal 2
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